I’m a software engineer who emphasizes on good design and code quality.

I love using Go and did a lot work with it, some of them including:

  • The Gogs project: A painless self-hosted Git service.
  • The Macaron web framework: A high productive and modular web framework in Go.
  • The Peach Docs tool: A web server for multi-language, real-time synchronization and searchable documentation.
  • The go-ini/ini package: A fantastic package for INI manipulations in Go.
  • The go-clog/clog package: A channel-based logging package for Go.
  • And many popular Go packages, please checkout my GitHub profile.

At current, I want to become a full-stack software engineer, be professional at backend and have compelling skills at frontend, mainly focus on developer tooling and cloud automation. Besides, I want to have essential knowledge about business and management outside technology field.

As a great man once said, “Good good study, day day up!”.