Gogs: Discord, Web Editor and Protected Branches

This post is published corresponding to the Gogs 0.10 release.

First things first, you may have noticed there are some notable changes to the branding of Gogs project:

  1. New logo: great thanks to its designer Egon Elbre. Please also take a look at his brilliant art-work of Gophers, you will love them.
  2. Simplified tagline: it is just Gogs, no Go Git Service anymore (you can still use it if that makes sense to you), and NOT GoGS (this is 100% wrong!).
  3. Twitter handle: it is now @GogsHQ, not @gogitservice.
  4. Official pronunciation: /gɔgs/, Google Translate can pronounce it very similarly (type Gogs).

Great! It has been another year since last release post, around 1.2k commits are added from 140 more contributors, so we now have 322 contributors in total. High-rank features like web editor, protected branches, IPython Notebook rendering, lable templates are also shipping within this release.

Upgrade to 0.10

  • Starting from 0.10 RC release, Gogs no longer supports auto-migration for installations that are lower than 0.7.0. Therefore, if you’re using version before 0.7.0, you have to run any of earlier version before 0.10 RC (e.g. 0.9.141) once, then upgrade to 0.10.
  • Upgrade steps are available in:
  • Upgrade from binary
  • Upgrade from source

Discord Webhooks

Native webhook support for Discord is added under request from @Meowbeast. Big thanks to him for active responses to all bug reports and feedback.

For now, you’re able to customize its name, icon and color, same as the Slack webhook settings.

Web Editor

The original feature was implemented by @richmahn and you’re now able to create, edit, delete or even upload files to repository in your browser!

Protected Branches

It is now possible to protect branches from force pushes, deletion and require pull request to merge changes. For organizational repositories, you can also whitelist users and teams for pushing to a specific branch.


Final Bits

Thank you for supporting Gogs and taking time to read this post, if you have any advice or feedback, please contact us on forum.


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